In need of color?

Ok, so basically I’ve been stalking my mail carriers again, but I promise it’s for a good reason! Well at least I think so:-) Since I wasn’t able to make The Makeup Show (insert sad face here), I decided to place an order for a couple of cosmetics lines that I had never tried before. I’d like to formally welcome La Femme Cosmetics and Inglot Cosmetics to my kit! These companies have made such an amazing impression on me and I cannot wait to use my new babies!! One of my goals this year is to add more color to my kit, while keeping in mind that I want quality products! With me doing so many weddings, I kind of get caught up in the basic, natural, boring colors. Wack, right?? Yea! I personally hate those 88 and 120 eyeshadow palettes, but kudos to those of you that use them:-)

I recently ordered some eyeshadows from Inglot and I’m in love! The website is a bit overwhelming though because of the vast amount of colors!


They have a HUGE selection of different shades of every color! I took a chance and ordered some that looked vibrant on the website, hoping that they were true to color. Some were and some were not, but overall I love all of the colors that I chose. They are VERYpigmented and a little goes a long way! You barely have to tap the brush in the eyeshadow to pick up product! Here’s the kicker… Not only are these shadows the, but they’re only $6 bucks!!! Yes $6.00 each ($5 with pro discount)!! Whaaaaat?!?!? I ordered about 20 shadows and I will be making a stop at the Inglot counter when I go to Chicago next month to see what else they have.

I also purchased some blushes from La Femme Cosmetics. Although, I probably didn’t need more, I… Well… I COULDN’T RESIST!! LOL!


Take a look at this awesomeness!!








These blushes are HIGHLY, HIGHLY pigmented. If you order these, please be very careful and use a very light hand when applying.

These were ordered from for only $2.50! Yes, $2.50:-) I know you can’t believe it!

What other companies have you tried besides the more well known cosmetic companies?


3 thoughts on “In need of color?

  1. I heard about Inglot a few months back and I was always skeptical because I haven’t heard of anyone using them….Lately I’ve been attempting to try some other cheaper brands like NYX, etc….so I guess I’m about to start ordering!!!! Definitely check out Inglot in Chicago…its AMAZING!!!!

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