Seeing Double

Back in January, I was booked for a Sunday evening bridal consultation that could result in me possibly booking another June wedding. The consultation was purposely scheduled the same night as a wedding meeting, so that the other members could get a glimpse of what was to be expected if they chose to book my services. Needless to say, all of the ladies loved my work and I was booked for the wedding.

After months of planning and email communication, today was the big day! I arrived at the church an hour before noon, to get started on the big wedding party. Not too long after I finished the first couple of young ladies, the mother of the bride and the bride arrived. I p spoke and walked over to give the both of them hugs. I continued working on the young lady in my chair and as I finished, the bride came over to get in my chair. Before I could get out that she was the very last person, she said, “Oh no, I’m not the bride. I’m Christen!” My mouth wide open! I was so confused! She then started to tell me about the consultation and that she was the orchestrator of the meeting, not the bride. I was still confused!! Was I that tired that Sunday evening that I didn’t realize Cristen and Crystal were identical twins?! Wow!! As I worked with Cristen, I kept smiling and chuckling and so did she. It was so funny!!

Here’s a few ladies from the stunning wedding party!! All of the young ladies were adorable!




Tired of seeing beautiful ladies? Hold up, I’ve got more!




20120616-194550.jpg The mother of the bride had a beautiful berry lip that I forgot to photograph her in! It was so pretty!

Here’s the beautiful bride! The real bride:-)


Did you see the twins??


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