Nail polish and Nikes


This picture says so much about my life! Some people think I wear makeup and heels everyday and that’s totally not true! I am in Nikes and basketball shorts 70% (probably more) of the time and I probably wear makeup once a week. I’m not your average woman!


I recently recorded a small haul video on my YouTube page and this nail polish was one of the 3 colors that I bought from the Wet n Wild collection. The color is cute and it was only $0.99, which is even better! I’m slowly becoming addicted to wearing color nail polish!

Have you recently purchased a new nail color? Tell me about it!


2 thoughts on “Nail polish and Nikes

  1. I’m in love with color polish. It wasn’t until I stopped wearing acrylic nails that I start wearing colors. I’m a pink polish kinda girl and right now my favorites are Elphantastic Pink and Shorts Story by OPI. Essie has a cute color I plan on trying called Navigate Her…I think I’m gonna try it this weekend.

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