Wedding Day Hair

At this point, I think everyone knows that I have a slight obsession with weddings. From the choice of the colors down to the style of the bride’s shoes, I’m always excited to see what the bride has come up with. So far this year, the brides have been pretty trendy with their style of hair.

Beautiful Braids


Such a fun and playful look! There are so many different ways to wear braids for a formal event. Whether the braids are pinned to the side or worn in an updo, this look is something almost anyone can wear. And it’s very easy to do!

The Bun


Buns are more of a traditional and clean look, however, many stylists put their own twists on the finished product. I’ve seen the clean, sleek buns and then there’s the loosely pinned ones that look absolutely amazing! You cannot go wrong with this style!

The Loose Curls




This look is for the more relaxed bride. I’ve seen a lot of brides that have strapless gowns wear their hair down. The curls can also been pinned to the side or pinned up, but either way looks awesome!

Which style will you choose?


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