My most recent purchase


About 2 weeks ago, I took a visit to my local Sephora in hopes that I would find this amazing cosmetic line that a few of my other makeup friends have been raving about. After finding out that they didn’t sell that particular brand in the store, I decided to stop by the Urban Decay display to see if they had anything new. I didn’t see any recently added products, but I remembered a month ago one of the bridesmaids of a wedding that I was working letting me use her “finishing spray” on the rest of the bridal party. The top on the one that I was using had broken off and she was kind enough to let me use hers. When I passed the UD display, I decided to purchase it to try it out for myself.

Oh, Em, Gee!! When I tell you I love this spray, I mean I LOVE THIS SPRAY!! This 4 oz. bottle retails at $29.00 and is worth every penny. It’s very light on the skin and when sprayed, it’s more of a mist than an intense spray. UD partnered with the amazing SKINDINAVIA to create this setting spray and promises that your makeup will last for 16 hours.

I personally have very oily skin and it sometimes seems like my makeup “moves” when my oiliness takes over. Of all of the other “setting sprays” that I have tried, this one is by far the best one yet.

Here’s a pic of me when I first finished my makeup and a pic of me right before I washed my face for bed (6 hours later).

What do you think?



3 thoughts on “My most recent purchase

  1. I love this spray…I use it all the time on my clients and it literally makes their makeup last all day!!

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