Two Weddings, One day…

Today was one my busiest days of this wedding season. I had the pleasure of working with two weddings today! It was awesome!

For the first wedding, I was booked by Kansas City Fashion Week Executive Director to service her and another bridesmaid for their friend’s wedding. The bride had already booked another Makeup Artist so I did not have the pleasure of making her beautiful, however, the other young lady did a fabulous job on her makeup:-)

Before today, I had never worked with a bridal party so calm.  As I worked with the two young ladies, the mom assembled wedding favors and others pitched in where needed. It was a cool afternoon!

They looked beautiful!

I arrived at a beautiful southside mansion called The Fleur De Lys Mansion for the second wedding.

This was by far the smallest wedding that I had ever heard of, with the guestlist right at 30 people. In fact, the bride even opted out of a large bridal party and instead chose to have Jr. Bridesmaid in the wedding.



When Erica sat in my chair, I felt a sense of calmness come over her. She sat quietly with her eyes closed as I worked on her face.

The results were beautiful! She look stunning!

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